This website started with some slightly nerdy Google Maps; on a mission to eat my way around London’s top patisseries, I compiled an easy-to-navigate list of shops to visit every time I found myself in a different part of town. I began to become a little frustrated with how hard it was to find the full range of amazing bakeries, delis and cake shops in this great city – every time I read a ‘top bakeries in London list’ it was the same familiar faces, and I was looking for something a bit beyond Ben’s Cookies that tops Tripadvisor’s rankings.

My obsession with all things patisserie began a lot earlier. Starting out with a solid background in British classics (thanks Mum!), my baking experiments have gone on to monopolise flat share kitchens and fully flourish in the last few years since having a space of my own. I’m now one year through studying a part-time qualification in patisserie and confectionery and lucky that I can indulge some of my gastronomic interests through my full-time job as a lifestyle journalist.

In this country (and certainly compared with some of our continental neighbours) pastry chefs and bakers are often underappreciated, and with this website I hope I can highlight some of the great talent to be found in our capital. As a starting point I’ve created constantly updated lists divided by area (Central, North, South, East and West), as well as sharing reviews, news, recipes and more.

This is very much a work in progress – if your favourite bakery is missing from the list, you have some patisserie-related news or you think a certain destination deserves an in-depth review, I’d love to hear from you.

To get in contact, please email me at or reach out to me on Twitter and Instagram.