Balthazar's Galette des Rois 3- to be credited to Steven Joyce

Fit for Royalty: Celebrate Epiphany in London with a Galette des Rois

Indulge in a time-honoured French tradition and pick up one of these delicious Galette des Rois for the weekend

While most of us in the UK are hiding away the leftover Christmas chocolates and turning our attentions to New Year resolutions of healthy eating, the season’s celebrations (and, more importantly, food) is yet to stop for our continental cousins. And I, for one, am more than in favour of continuing the festive feasting, if not only to indulge in the rich, buttery wondrousness of a classic Galette des Rois. Eaten on Epiphany (6 January), this almond tart traditionally has concealed within a small charm or figurine (fève) – have it turn up in your slice and you are King or Queen for the day.

Here are some of the London bakeries marking the tradition in style.


This outpost of the famous New York brasserie will be serving its traditional puff pastry and frangipane Galette des Rois until 31 January, priced at £20 each in the restaurant and £15 from the boulangerie. They are also available by slice – find the fève whilst dining and receive a complimentary bottle of Champagne for the table.

Top image Steven Joyce;

Alain Ducasse Dorchester Galette des Rois

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

This take prepared by Executive Pastry Chef Thibault Hauchard is available as part of the restaurant’s lunch menu (£65 for three courses) between 10 and 12 January. The lucky guest to find the charm will win a special Galette des Rois to take away.

Dominique Ansel London

Dominique Ansel’s spin is made from a reversed puff pastry, resulting in a flakier crust and stronger caramelisation when baked. Available until 21 January, pre-order a whole one online for £30, or buy by the slice from £6.50.


Serving 8-10 people, this classic Galette des Rois from Paul comes complete with hidden charm and gold card crown for the lucky finder.

Belle Epoque

Belle Epoque’s version is available in a range of sizes, providing between four to ten portions, each coming with customary gold paper crown.


Pick one up from your local Aubaine – the restaurants are taking orders in store and via phone.

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