Pierre Marcolini Casse-Noisette

Go nuts for the new Pierre Marcolini Casse-Noisette collection this autumn

The Pierre Marcolini Casse-Noisette uses the finest Piedmont hazelnuts for a wide range of sweet treats based on the pastry chef’s popular Nutcracker spread

As much as I adore summer for its abundance of vibrant berries and fruit, I look forward to the rich flavours that come with autumn. Few things sum up the season to me as much as the deep, nutty flavours that emerge which, when combined with chocolate, is always a winning combination. The new Pierre Marcolini Casse-Noisette collection, launching at the end of this month, promises to be just that, based around the finest Piedmont hazelnuts.

It’s genesis is the pastry chef’s Nutcracker spread first launched in 2014 – an indulgent blend of hazelnuts with cocoa. For 2017, this flavour profile has been expanded to a range of creations available in-store and online throughout September and October.

For a pure chocolate hit, it has been transformed into tablets of milk chocolate with caramelised toasted hazelnut flakes, and combined with white almond praline into one of Marcolini’s signature Barre2 creations. It also comes in boxes of 18 milk chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa, each concealing a fondant centre of pure Nutcracker spread, as well as heart-shaped moulded chocolates filled with a blend of caramel hazelnut praline, flaked of caramelised, roasted Piedmont hazelnuts and a touch of salt.

The flavours have too been incorporated into other sweet treats, including an almond financier and a more decadent hazelnut cake, generously topped with Nutcracker icing. Must-trys also include a macaron, complete with crunchy milk chocolate and almond-hazelnut praline centre, and an eclair with Nutcracker cream and icing and topped with more, whole-roasted hazelnuts on top.


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