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The iceclair and other must-try ice cream desserts in London

From choux-based treats such as the Savoy’s iceclair to macaron sandwiches, where to get your ice cream fix in the capital this summer

Melba at the Savoy

We already know that Melba at the Savoy serves up some of the best eclairs in the capital. So how do you go about improving this classic? By sandwiching it with ice cream, of course. The customisable ‘iceclair’ starts with one of its light, choux pastry cases, into which is added your choice of ice cream in flavours from dark chocolate and Sicilian pistachio to salted caramel and wild berries. Then on goes the sauce – opt for chocolate, raspberry or caramel – before it takes a dip into a chocolate glaze. This pretty concoction is finished with your choice of toppings.



Yolkin specialises in macaron ice cream sandwiches, which it sells at the weekend at Soho’s Street Food Union and Siam Eatery in Covent Garden. The story behind its creation is rather sweet. Founder Sammie’s love of baking macarons left her with a surplus of egg yolks, and what better way to use these up than making ice cream – creating the sandwich was the next logical step. It’s worth repeat visits as the flavours change fortnightly.


Pear Tree Cafe x Jude’s

If you’re looking for something beyond the usual vanilla or chocolate, then this creation by Jude’s delivers on both taste and visual appeal. The colour of the striking black scoops is down to its unusual flavour ‘black coconut’, made from coconut combined with coconut ash that gives the ice cream its distinctive hue. You can sample it at the lovely Pear Tree Cafe in Battersea Park.

peartreecafe.co.uk, judes.co.uk

Dominique Ansel

There’s more than one ice cream-based dish at Dominique Ansel that’s worth a try: the Frozen S’mores, a permanent fixture on the menu, is a decadent combination of vanilla ice cream encased in marshmallow, which is then torched to order. For this summer, however, pick up a playful Kiwi Sorbet Bar. Filled with fresh kiwi sorbet, Tahitian vanilla ice cream and poppy seeds, it even has a fuzzy-textured milk coating to capture the experience of the real fruit.


Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini may be best known for his chocolate, but he makes a mean ice cream too. This summer at his London shop you can get the best of both worlds and combine the two. Start with the base – choose from four flavours of ice cream or two of sorbets – before dipping it in chocolate and adding toppings such as toasted hazelnut, coconut or sesame. The delicious end result is akin to a posh Magnum.


Chin Chin Club

The Chin Chin Club, specialising in nitro ice creams, should be one of your first stops when thinking about this confection. Its creative mash-ups is where it truly comes into its own, from the brownwich to this sweet treat encased within a choux bun.


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