Kova Patisserie mille crepe

Where to find a mille crepe in London: Review of Kova Patisserie

Visit Kova Patisserie for modern and minimalist Japanese-inspired creations in the heart of Soho

What’s the background?

This fun and casual patisserie is famous principally for one thing – its rather Instagrammable mille crepe. And it’s little surprise they captured this visual platform by storm; the name literally translates from French to a “thousand crepes” (pancakes), and while these cakes may not have quite that many layers, the delicate confection can’t fail to impress. Here this, and other, French and European classics are given a Japanese twist, while as you would expect Kova Patisserie also takes its tea seriously too. There’s several organic green options available, including matcha, many of which can also be ordered in the form of an artistically served tea latte.

Kova Patisserie mille crepe

The space

Tucked away on a side street, Kova Patisserie is fairly unassuming and worth keeping an eye out for whilst out and about in Soho. Its offering is small and select, and the interior reflects this. Away from the main counter there’s a limited amount of high, bar-style seating where you can enjoy the contemporary fare in similarly bright and modern surrounds.

What’s on offer?

The headline mille crepes come in an assortment of flavours; while matcha seems to be the most popular, the versions intricately layered with rainbow slithers of fruit have the most visual impact. It’s worth delving beyond these, however. Tiramisu and chocolate gateau are too given a green tea overhaul, while there’s also more traditionally flavoured tarts on offer, including chocolate butterscotch and raspberry rose. It’s also an opportunity to pick up a Japanese roll cake (similar to a Swiss roll).

Kova Patisserie mille crepe

What to choose?

If you’re after the matcha mille crepe you should aim to get there earlier rather than later. But fear not, because other flavours are just as delicious. Be warned that the creamy, melt-in-the-mouth cake is also rather delicate and, although it comes well wrapped, if taking away try to get it into a fridge as soon as possible. Other, sturdier options are also not to be overlooked, such as the light and complex matcha and yuzu entremet.

What’s the damage?

Mille crepes are £5.50 to take out and £6.60 to eat in, with other tarts and cakes coming in at around the same mark. Here you are paying a premium for something unusual (and trendy) – the prices almost reach the same level as other patisseries such as Yauatcha, without offering quite the same range and complexity.

Kova Patisserie, 9 St Anne’s Court, Soho, W1F 0BB; kovapatisserie.com

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